Looking for Child Custody If you Divorce or Separate:

Child Custody Solicitors- Divorce could not be a very great issue unless you have any children because if you ask for the divorce while having the children then you first need to make some arrangements regarding the custody of your children, take full responsibility and care for the future of the children. Both of you may take the decisions of all these arrangements of your children in a collaborative discussion but still if you find any issues afterward like anyone of you starts to unfollow your defined decisions then the legal support could be required for sure. To help you out in this type of condition and also guide you for all the court procedures where you can get the legal support for your children and therefore define your work in a proper way out by the legal actions.

Something that is really important before you could go for the legal support of your divorce case inflicts regarding the mediation of children. You strictly need to undergo this procedure and then if after this procedure you still have issues left then you can get the legal support through the court action. Now you might be thinking what this meditation is, just read below its definition to know about it!

Mediation in Child Custody

This is a mandatory process that has to be done before you could apply for the Financial Order application to the court. In this task, you and your ex-partner need to discuss all your financial problems with an independent and impartial person so as to get some solution for all your issues. While applying to the court for your case you need to fill the mediation section in the application form that tends to prove that you are extempted from the mediation process or you have attended to the mediation session. You could get all the possible help from your mediator or the legal adviser while filling up for the court application of your case.

Applying For Court Actions For Child custody

Now after you fail to settle down all your agreements even after the mediation process then you can apply for the court action. The court usually decides the following arrangements for the children after divorce:

  • If you can’t agree even on the mediation process then the court would make the decision for setting the home of your children. This is one of the first and foremost things that the court takes into consideration and in most cases, it defines the children to live in the house where the family used to live before.
  • As it is also a great need for the children to spend the time with parents so keeping that in mind the court would also decide the time period when the children could spend time with each of the parents. This process could also set up the time period for the children to live with the father for some time and then with the mother for the rest of time.
  • Now to look after the children anyone from you or your ex-partner has to be given up the responsibility, now if both of you don’t abide these things by your own then the court would forcefully agree to any of you or both of you legally to pay for your child.

Both of the child’s mother or the father can apply for the court order or even anyone with the parental responsibility can also apply. The court actions do take some time to finalize the decisions and hence you might need to go through some sessions and court hearings. This could also cost you some money so be ready for spending it on fighting for the deals that would care about your children!

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