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Money & Property When Relation Ends

Money And Property Matters– After getting up the divorce or when relation with the spouse ends there is one most focused issue that mostly everyone has to suffer and that is the partition of the financial property. This is something that people don’t tend to solve up through the legal support but most probably try to capture under the emotional control of the mind. Now if you are still undergoing the divorce procedure or you are going to get up the divorce then this might be sure that you would be confused about your property inflicts that may arise straightforward after the breaking of relation. To help you out manage all your financial property while getting a divorce and also to guide you for the things that could happen with your financial matters, we have written up this article where we have discussed all those reasonable issues regarding your financial deals with your partner and hence some of the approaches to solving that out!

What could happen if all your financial deals agreed with your spouse comes to the point where anyone of you starts not to abide by the agreements?

This happens whenever you have applied for the divorce to the court while both of you are agreed for the action. Here the court doesn’t carry the sessions to solve out your inflicts related to your needs, property etc all as you both have done that all by yourself. Again if there comes any financial related inflicts even after the divorce then you may proceed to carry on these legal actions given below:

Financial Order by Court

This is the legal court action with which all your financial inflicts between both of you would be solved out and a defined order of the court would be accessed and thereafter all your property shall be divided in accordance with the court order. To go for Financial Order application in the court you will need to go through some of the below mandatory procedures which all need to be fulfilled before getting up the accent.


This is a mandatory process that has to be done before you could apply for the Financial Order application to the court. In this task, you and your ex-partner need to discuss all your financial problems with an independent and impartial person so as to get up the solution for all your issues. While applying up to the court for your case you need to fill up the mediation section in the application form that tends to prove up that you are extemp from the mediation process or you have attended up to the mediation session. You could get up the help from your mediator or the legal adviser while filling up for the court application of your case.

Applying for Consent Order

You would need to hire up a solicitor so as to draft up your “Consent Order” to the court and hence make up the legal approach to the court for all your agreements or the bindings. In this process, you mainly set up your legal documents that confirm up your agreements regarding the dividing of your assets including money, property, savings, investments! Some of the other arrangements regarding the maintenance payments or the child maintenance could also be bound under this section of the process.

Applying for Financial Order

Now to apply for the Financial Order you can do this for the reasons like getting up lump sum payment, ownership of any property or the share of partner’s pension etc. You would be costed about 255 euros for processing this court appeal then it may take up to 6 months so as to solve up your issues or inflicts. A number of court sessions have to be attended and hearings so are ready for spending up lot’s of time and money for your case.

How do the Court Splits the Assets

The court will consider a lots of things like age, ability to earn money, property and money, living expenses or the standard of living before taking up the decision regarding the splitting of all your property or the assets. Many other aspects are considered and discussed by the court sessions which overall defines up the splitting values.

All those Maintainance Payments

The Court may take up the decision where anyone of you with higher income or living standards may be asked to pay up the maintenance payments to another person for some time period or even for the whole lifetime so as to help in other persons living.

At last! You just need to know that financial matters should be better contained by the legal support only because there could be fluctuations regarding these matters somehow afterward. You know up the process now, just follow it up if you wish to get up the legal support for solving out your financial matters or assets after divorce!

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